This is just one of the reasons JMO is awesomeness!

This is just one of the reasons JMO is awesomeness!

Love Agents of SHIELD but I miss FitzSimmons! No Skyeward and no FitzSimmons.

I miss this!!

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I know Ichabod is still married to Katrina and I like her I do but I want some real Ichabbie!!!!

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This isn’t over.

It never is. All the more reason to enjoy the  q u i e t  m o m e n t s.

Upcoming Once Upon A Time Episode Titles

4x02 - White Out

4x03 - Rocky Road

4x04 - The Apprentice

4x05 - Breaking Glass

4x06 - Family Business

4x07 - The Snow Queen

4x08 - Smash the Mirror

Some of these sound every ominous. I’m scared for Sidney. 😁

Source:TVShowTime App.

I am an emotional mess right now! Poor Regina and the Rumbelle moment makes me want to watch Beauty and the Beast.

As for Robin I just want to nut punch him for being the good guy and honoring his vows but hurting Regina.

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And Emma, love, is Netflix code word for sexy times? I wish it was.

I need just a tad bit more Captain Swan time but all in all awesome episode.

I love that they’ve stayed true to the Frozen characters.

Can’t wait for next Sunday!!!

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I don’t think I am emotionally prepared for this episode. Poor Regina my heart hurts for her.