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I’m not Scottish, never been to Scotland but it’s always fascinated me. So I’ve kept an eye on the referendum, because this is history. A country getting the ability to choose its independence with out blood shed, is remarkable.

But what I don’t get is why a country so rich with history of people who have fought and given their lives in the name of freedom, vote against it?

I don’t claim to know anything about the economical standing or even what day to day life in Scotland consist of. And I’m sure my opinion on the matter counts for shit. But looking from the outside in and knowing some of Scotland’s history. I’m a little shocked that the vote was No.

I’m sure there is much more as to why people voted No. I’m just shocked.

I hope that one day all of those who have fought and paid the ultimate price in the name of freedom for Scotland are rewarded. I wish the best for Scotland and its people.

This could also be that I’ve been watching too much Outlander. 😋


  1. America: We had a war with England- ofc dumping their tea in the ocean was part of that process
  2. Mexico: We had a war with Spain
  3. Haiti: We revolted [as slaves] and fought against the French
  4. Brazil: We had a war with Portugal
  5. France: We beheaded people and sacked a really old fortress
  6. Scotland: We voted
  7. America:
  8. Mexico:
  9. Haiti:
  10. Brazil:
  11. France:
  12. Scotland: hey it was a <i>revolutionary</i> vote
  13. Haiti: We decapitated our masters

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